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Breeders of Quality Scottish Folds, Scottish Shorthairs and Scottish Longhairs.


About Us

Dedicated to Improving the Breed

Established breeders of Scottish cats for the last 18 years. Specializing in producing show standard kittens as pets for everyday people. We have bred for temperament, quality, type and health. With using different genetic bases we stand by our kittens to say we have sound kittens that wont have any skeletal or cartilage issues in their lifetime.

RSPCA Accredited Breeder


Waiting List

We offer a waiting list available to prospective buyers.

There is a $500 non refundable deposit required to purchase a kitten and that comes off the purchase price.

We require your name, address, email, phone number to be sent to us. Also include sex, color, fold or straight ear and any other desirable characteristics of choice to help us fulfill your requirements.

To be included on the waiting list contact us below.


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Location: Dorrigo NSW 2453, Australia

Phone: 0422 610 791

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