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I had always wanted a Scottish Fold, my husband and i searched and did a lot of research into their breed and what we should look for in a breeder, i came across Circle k and i knew i had found the right breeder. We drove up to just past Towoomba (where they were located at the time) and met a lot of adorable kittens, when we saw our little fur baby i fell in love, we had talked about getting 2 babies with non folded ears but when i saw Willow my heart melted, we were able to take our baby girl home on the 28th of June 2015 and she has been a constant delight ever since, she is such a beautiful little fur baby. We are so thankful for Circle K for our beautiful little girl Willow.
Priscilla Opperman

Pricilla Opperman


Having been obsessed with the look of scottish folds for about a year prior, I came across Circle K and had enquired about the breed. 

Candy and Fiona have been beyond amazing through every step of the process, from picking the right kitten/ knowing the little personalities of each one, to shipping the kittens and giving all the advice they can to make it a smooth transition - you feel very reassured!

I now have two of the cuddliest, sweetest and charming cats you could ever come across. They really do breed an astonishingly good temperament and you can tell how much these women love and care for the breed. These cats are just like little dogs, they love being loved.

I am absolutely obsessed with my two gorgeous bundles and even have my friends sharing with other people the photos of the cats as they just cant believe what characters/ how beautiful they are.

What really makes them a step above the rest is the after care. The breeders have a facebook page to try and keep in contact with those who have bought their kittens, so they can offer advice, share photos and just a general appreciation for this lovable breed. It is such a wonderful community you have built and I hope you know you change peoples lives with these little happy, healthy balls of love ❤️
- Kate Barnett

Kate Barnett


As newly weds we really wanted to take the next step and get a pet as Matt works long hours and I wanted some company! We are both insane cat people so we looked up the most affectionate playful cat breed and what came up was the Scottish fold breed. We first came across Circle K when Matt was looking at some websites and saw Lilly on gumtree under Circle K We messaged Fiona instantly as we fell in love! We received Lilly in October 2016 and she was born in August. We got her earlier than usual but she is a darling! We are obsessed. We then wanted another cat to keep our Lilly company. We then came across Lucy after Vicki had posted about her. Instantly fell in love again and after 3 weeks of waiting, we have her! (Received Early June 2017), Born March 2017). She's a Scottish Fold this time as we have a Scottish Shorthair Straight before and wanted something different. Fiona and Vicki are who we mainly dealt with and they were nothing but lovely to us. So informative, especially Fiona as we were new Circle K parents. We would definitely recommend Circle K for anyone looking for the best cat breeders and breed in the world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Matt & Sarah Dengate

Matt and Sarah Dengate


We are incredibly lucky to have adopted a Circle K kitten. Our two children had wanted a cat for almost two years and after doing extensive research on finding the right breed to suit our family we settled on the Scottish Fold/Shorthair. We contacted several registered breeders and most did not bother to return our messages. But when we found Circle K, quite by accident on Facebook, Fiona understood exactly what we required and being first time cat owners, she was so very gracious in answering all our questions. We found the ordering process very easy and she kept us up to date with how he was progressing. She even threw in a few baby pics along the way, which we really appreciated because it made us fall in love with him before he even arrived. We were very well prepared with all of Fiona's advice, so when our kitten finally arrived, he settled in very quickly and without a single hitch. 
Our Peanut is so affectionate, easy going and very gentle with children...all qualities we were looking for! Our family and friends are always amazed by how calm and friendly he is. We've also had no health issues or behavioural problems with him whatsoever, which is a true testament to Fiona and Candy's excellent breeding program. Peanut has quickly become a much loved member of our family and we look forward to purchasing another kitten from them in the future. 
Trinh Nguyen and Family

Trinh Nguyen and Family


After years of convincing my dog loving husband that we should get a cat, in particular a Scottish fold, he finally caved and we found our choice of quality breeders in Candy and Fiona, who are truly so knowledgeable about the breed and you can tell they so genuinely love each and every cat that they breed. 
My husband adapted quickly to having a cat as the Circle K cats are bred with the best temperament of any cat I’ve ever met. Our little man (Potato) is our ray of sunshine. He’s always by my side, always greeting us at the door when we come home from work and always there for cuddles and entertainment, I couldn’t imagine a life without this little guy and I have Candy and Fiona to thank for that. 
We cannot wait to eventually purchase a second cat from Candy and Fiona so my husband and I can stop fighting over cuddles with Potato!

Tilly Bouchereau

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